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Airedale KALUA & DABSQUOUI - - Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kadence (Pedigree)

Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kadence (Pedigree)

Int./Eng. Ch. Perrancourt Pirate
Eng. Ch. Stargus Sea King
Jokyl Joyful Of Stargus
Eng./Am. Ch. Florac King Of Scots At Stargus
Eng. Ch. Jokyl Gallipants
Florac Bruich Laddich
Jokyl Show Copy Of Florac
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kadence
Fairewood's Mr. Do Right
Ch. Tairecote Taurus Da-Kal
Ch. Stone Ridge Tairecote
Ch. Dabsquoui Sarsfield Lady Kameo
Ch. Montford's Bannuckburn Battler
Ch. Dabsquoui Ka-Soie Décision
Ch. Kalua's Lady Sheilagh Tenille, CD