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Airedale KALUA & DABSQUOUI - - Our Champions

Our Champions

32nd Champion
Ch. Hat Trick's Brisline Bo Helio
(Am. Ch. Hat Trick's Always On Top X Am. Ch. Brisline's Exquisite)
See his page.

31st Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Keltic Kali
(Bristol Aires Gaelic Ode par Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Isabeau)

Kali belongs to our friend Christine Petrimoulx, from Cornwall, Ontario. She is Chris’s first Airedale, a new comer in the show competitions and both have worked really hard for this great achievement!


30th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kahlan
(Am.Can.Ch. Penaire Star Struck At Woodcrest by Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Isabeau)
See her page.

29th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kabotine
(Am.Can.Ch. Penaire Star Struck At Woodcrest by Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Isabeau)
See her page.

28th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Sonnenberg
(Am. Can. Ch. Bristol Aires Uhsung Hero X Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Katchina).

Furthermore, in only one weekend, he obtained his FCC Championship. He was a great show dog and made us very proud! He is now sterilized and lives with his new owners.


27th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Hang Ten
(Ch. Murrayvale Drummer Lad X Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Seven Of Nine)
See her page.

26th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Isabeau
(Am. Ch. Stone Ridge Moraine Man O'War X Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Katchina)
See her page.

25th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kobra
(Ch. Princedale Express X Kalua Dabsquoui Khemosabi)
See her page.

24th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Seven Of Nine
(Int. Am. & Mex. Ch. Reydale Prince Of Thieves X Kalua Dabsquoui Khemosabi)
See her page.

23th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Katchina
(Am. Can. Ch. Huntwood's Hollytroy Designer X Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kadence)
See her page.

20th Champion
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kadence
(Eng. Am. Ch. Florac King Of Scots At Stargus X Ch. Kalua Sarsfield Lady Kameo)
See her page.

Here is the continuation

Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Polka
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Corto
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Hakuna Matata
Ch. Dabsquoui Sarsfield Lady Kameo
Ch. Dabsquoui Ka-Soie Décision
Ch. Dabsquoui Lady Ginger Jenny
Ch. Kalua's Lady Sheilagh Tenille, CD
Ch. Kalua's Savage Samantha
Ch. Tairecote Taurus Da-Kal
Ch. Kalua's Senorita Chookie
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Klip Graffiti, CD
Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui D'aire You
Ch. Graffiti Octave To Sexy For You, CD
Ch. Dabsquoui Sallie, CD
Ch. Zélig de Dabsquoui
Ch. Dabsquoui El Tigre At Kalua
Ch. Kalua Indomptable Naomi
Ch. Kalua's Baron Butch
Ch. Dabsquoui La Mimosa
Ch. Zabur du VieuxBerger

Obedience Championship

Kalua Dabsquoui Rupert William, CD & CDX
Kalua Dabsquoui Charlot, CD & CDX
Kalua Dabsquoui Miss Elsa, CD
Mahli de Dabsquoui, CD