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Airedale KALUA & DABSQUOUI - - Kalua Dabsquoui Karcajou

Kalua Dabsquoui Karcajou

Born April, 15, 2006
Measures 21 3/4 "
Weighs 44 pounds
OFA: Good

«Karcajou» is also an 8th consecutive generation from our female lines. She is the daughter of Ch. Murrayvale Hero's Alixer and out of Ch. Kalua Dabsquoui Kobra. True to her name (Wolverine), she is assertive and fearless! Blessed with great temperament and health, she already proved herself as a wonderful mother.

She is now enjoying her retirement with our friends Chantale and Roland.


Karcajou Karcajou Karcajou

Some puppies images from Karcajou's June 2009 litter...
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Sire: Duc