Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QUÉBEC CANADA

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Ch. Hat Trick’s Brisline Bo Helio

Am. Ch. Brisline's House Special

Am. Ch. Brisline's West Coast Offense

Am. Ch. Brisline Plumperfect Uptown Girl

Am. Ch. Hat Trick’s Always On Top

Blackheath's Xxtreme Measure

Am. Ch. Blackheath's Foxxi Roxxi

Blackheath's Sparkle Plenty

Ch. Hat Trick’s Brisline Bo Helio

Am. Ch. Timberwyck Maximum Overdrive

Am. Ch. Evermay High Performance

Am. Ch. Moraine Terydale HK Exchange

Am. Ch. Brisline's Exquisite

Am. Ch. Terrydale HK Shaireab Log On

Am. Ch. Brisline Plumperfect Uptown Girl

Am. Ch. Brisline Plum Perfect UD RN

Our Airedales...

The Airedale is a medium-sized dog measuring approximately 23 inches at the shoulder, females slightly less. The coat is dense and hard; tan with black or dark grizzle "saddle" markings. He must be stripped for show purposes or clipped for family pets. Established since 1976 and 1981, Kalua & Dabsquoui Kennels' primary goal has always been to maintain a very selective breeding program in accordance with the Airedale's breed standard. Campaigning our dogs to their championship gives us great pride. But, even more important for us is the excellent quality of our companion dogs.

All our pupppies are guaranteed in writing, against hereditary faults due to breeding. They are vaccinated, dewormed, registered with the C.K.C. and identified by means of a microchip. As the parents of our puppies are "championship stock", we sell then on non-breeding contracts, to try to obtain the most serious and responsable owners possible. Being a responsable dog owner can be, at times, demanding but the breeding of quality dogs is a hobby and an art form which true breeders dedicate a lifetime to achieve !. We produce 1 litter a year, exceptionnally 2. It also happened that we didn't have any puppy for 2 years. It is imperative for us that our puppies go to the best homes possible.

Kalua & Dabsquoui
Kalua & Dabsquoui
Kalua & Dabsquoui